… In times of change-ing, the future is now…

“Even though the future seems far away, it is actually beginning right now.”

~ Mattie Stepanek

This is a striking thought to me today, as I begin a new way of being with me.  It’s not complicated.  It’s relatively easy to accomplish. It is a tweak, for the better, of how I eat and what I eat: vegan nutrition.  This is an investment in me, in my well-being, in my health, in my future.

Both of my daughters are vegan.  Both are motivated by moral reasons and also for how the nutritional choices make them feel in their body.  Their skin and hair are glowing, their weight is optimal, their minds clear and quick. So I am familiar with the benefits and the reasons for being vegan.  I’ve even dabbled a bit over the years, and yet I have remained a carnivore.

My youngest daughter recently returned from a weekend away with her high school sweetheart and his family.  The mother has been diagnosed, 2nd time, with stage 4 cancer that is pretty much all over her body. Upon my daughters return, she shared a bit of the conversations she had enjoyed with her beau’s mom, one of them being about a book that she has found inspiration in for better health.  My daughter thought I too, could greatly benefit from tweaking my nutrition for better health and peace of mind and picked up the book for me.

It’s hard to argue about goodness when there are no negatives and the good news is coming from someone that loves me and wants the best for me in life; so here goes, making a positive shift to caring for myself in a deeply moving way, through my nutrition and becoming vegan.

Timing couldn’t be better, really, what with me beginning anew in other ways, too! Earlier, I took time to clean the pantry and the fridge, giving away and discarding what wasn’t particularly good for me anymore, and so there is room (figuratively and literally) for this good nutritional food in my kitchen!

I began by reading and finishing the Kris Carr’s book, Crazy Sexy Diet and wow am I a believer now!  The whole premise just makes great sense for clearing my body of the not so good stuff and putting in the best stuff for optimal operating efficiency!

I began to fill in the pantry and the fridge with the good healthful ingredients and then I prepped my food for the coming week.  I used several of the recipes in Kris Carr’s book as guidelines and wow, the flavors in these vegan dishes really packed a punch!  I whipped up a Southwest Black Bean & Roasted Potatoe vegan burger! I had to try this one right away so topped it with guacamole and salsa, and it hit the spot!  I love egg salad and there is a recipe for Tofu Eggless Salad, and let me tell you, this has the taste and texture of egg salad; yummy!  I made a Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with Capers, which is simply delicious!

Meal prep for the following week is essential to success when changing behaviors or implementing something new and with my busy weekday job, this will save lots of time!  Hopefully having the meals prepared and simply better food and snacks where I’m likely to go looking when I feel the need to nosh, will help me remain on track!

My daughter leaves for 6 weeks traveling through Europe.  I plan to take this time to embrace this new lifestyle and be a bit of a changed woman when she returns!

/bəˈɡiniNG/: the point in time or space at which something starts.

This definition sums me up at this moment, I am beginning!

Beginning  /bəˈɡiniNG/: the point in time or space at which something starts.

With this beginning will come starts and stops, false starts and genuine starts, and to be clear, these are all beginnings. Finding myself, here in the mid of my life with just myself (children grown and on their journeys, with no life mate), I feel a bit overwhelmed with the joy and freedom! This freedom is a responsibility to myself to live my desired life, to create the life I desire. It may sound cliche, and suppose it is, but who else really cares about what I make of my life – it is, my life, only for me.

What keeps coming to mind is what does this mean? What does this look like? How does this feel? How do I build this? “This” being my life! I’m excited, though also a bit anxious with the where, and the how, and the what to begin creating for this life of mine! I’m going with the flow, with what feels right, and with what life may bring, choosing that which adds substance and depth, pleasure and joy … Life knows best; my heart is as open as the sky!

So, I began by establishing a domain, and a blog, and a new e-mail! Awe, so beginning this new life obviously entails the inner webs and the electronic medium! Yep, I realize the action of keeping a history of life, a diary, documenting details while on this journey of living, is valuable and fun.

Hmmmm, and I’m full of thoughts and ideas about the ‘what’ I’d like in my life.  Writing, to start with; I will write and earn a living at writing!  Documenting, here on LilyVee, the details of my life and my world.  This will include heartfelt internal dialogues as I map and engage with living this journey of my life.

And art, is definitely a detail in my life!  I will write more poetry and lyrics and share them here! I will write, period, full stop! I will paint more with water colour and play with acrylic and oil and mixed media, too! I will document this life of mine with photographs of people and places and experiences!

Oh and relationships, will most decidedly be integral detail in my life!  Inviting in and extending myself into engaging with my world and the people in it.  Invaluable for me and my heart, my being.  This will be most fun, meeting new friends, being of service to others, relating more to my physical world and getting out in it with my camera!

Certain, too, that there is more to come, more to colour my life and pull me in interesting and stimulating directions.  There is sure to be more, lots more to discover about me and about living, while creating this life of mine!

And so, here I am, finding myself at this point in time creating my life: beginning!