Freedom in Taking the Plunge

“Travel is like love, mostly because it’s a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed. That is why the best trips, like the best love affairs, never really end.”     ~ Pico Iyer

Here goes… I’ve been given freedom.  True, undeniable freedom to do what I want to do! No more reasons not to write, or walk, or discover, or travel, or simply be me.

Late March, on a Thursday at the end of the business day,  I left an unsatisfying job!  I didn’t feel sad about it, in fact my boss and I agreed, it was painful working together (we didn’t see eye-to-eye much).  My children are gone to university and wholly and fully living their lives.  I have simplified my life in the last many years and I have nothing holding me back financially… so, I have nothing keeping me, or holding me where I’m at, if I want to do something different, or be somewhere else, or…

So here goes.  It has been just a short while, since I was freed from my miserable job.  I’ve been diligently looking for work, diligently looking for the traditional job, the 9-to-5’er sort of thing… which doesn’t seem to suit me at this time in my life.  I’ve been having good and real self talk, and realize that the only thing holding me back from everything I want to do, is well, me.

So, I asked myself,  what the hell do I really want to do?  Funny thing is, at this point in my life and being alone in my flat with my dogs, I can have this sort of dialogue, out loud even, and no one cares – well I don’t care, so I’m having this loud, external dialogue and gaining clarity.  Great stuff is happening with this heart felt, deep dive of self discovery and this internal, and oft times vocally external, self dialogue.  I realize I can do what I want.  With this discovery came the talk, of course, of why I shouldn’t do what I want.  Mostly it boils down to a couple of things, society and culture (alright some of my friends and family) tell us at certain ages we should be in certain places, having acquired certain things, and that we should have certain behaviors (aka, act responsibly… yikes), and that, well, doing what I want or desire or heaven forbid, dream of doing, is not responsible and I shouldn’t do it.  Then, there are the voices of friends and family and me that say, why the hell not?  Why not go and do and be, what you want right now, there’s no better time to do just that!

Thankfully the louder voice(s) prevailed (this is when if the walls could talk they may have said, hey pipe down little lady)!  So here I am, taking the plunge and doing what I want, what I desire, and what I dream!  Writing!  Traveling!  Figuring out how I can work and live abroad, and where in the world to begin living this dream!  These past two weeks, I’m tellin’ you, I have been busy with all this self talk and discovery and gettin’ my sh#% together to make this happen…

I’ve learned over the last couple of years that it is a bit difficult to transfer with multinational companies (for which I’ve worked) to other parts of the world (just more economically feasible for them to hire locally).  A solution I came up with is Teaching English as a Foreign Language!  I can do this literally all over the world!  The best part is these courses for certification, are offered on-line and can be done anywhere one has internet connection and a laptop or tablet, etc! Check – I’ve got that figured out!  So, I got myself registered for TEFL certification which will take approximately 3 months to complete!  Got over the hump of what to do to eventually earn a living while living abroad!

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.13.32 PMThen, I’m sitting around my house or around my city, working on my laptop, writing and studying and I realize, what the what, I can actually be sitting and writing and studying, hello, anywhere I want to be!  So, why not be where I want to be, discovering what my heart desires, writing and studying and being – somewhere out in the big wide world!

So, here I go, taking the plunge! Just Doing It!  I’m goin’ for it, baby!  These last couple of days I’ve been narrowing down where to begin, understanding travel requirements and restrictions, visa requirements for countries and realizing the world is my limit! I’m doin’ it!  Done talkin’ and writin’ about it all, I’m taking the plunge… this lil’ lady is gonna see the world and meet her people!

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