Coffee, Cafe, Community


Surrounded by a cacophony of sound

Subtle street noise, autos, squeaky bikes

The click and snap of a kickstand

the clank of the chain and lock on metal

The breeze moving through bougainvillea and palm

Slapping of flip flops saunter past

chairs  scraping atop cobble stone

porcelain cups clink as coffee is poured

flatware tinkling against plates

All accompanied by a hummm

Sultry voiced lady singing,  supported by a driving base guitar

Heartwarmingly, it is the sound of voices

Many voices, timbre high and low

Families, couples, friends, lovers

Colored by languages, strengthening connection

French, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Hindi, German

All highlighted by chuckles and giggles

the occasional shriek of a child

the bark of a dog

A melting pot at a corner café, in my little world


SB 7/10//16

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