Beginning My Adventure (of a lifetime…)

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.07.19 PMWhat’s this adventure of a lifetime I mention? Well for me, it’s been a life long dream  to live and work in other countries, to live everyday among new people, to learn about their lives first hand, to basically and truly become a citizen of the world.  And here I go, as within a few weeks I’ll be on a plane traveling round the world to do just that – to live and work in China!

When I made my decision to jump in and search for opportunities to live and work abroad, I hadn’t a clue where to begin or where this adventure would take me; it’s began sort of like spinning the globe and plopping my finger down or shaking a snow globe!  My maiden voyage,  is taking me to China…

I began by reading blogs about traveling  and living abroad which included everything from vagabonding to teaching English second language sites connecting job seekers with companies looking for teachers.  I created files in my bookmark queue on my laptop for this travel/work idea of mine to not lose any of the good information I’d come accross, all of which I am happy to share with you! I’d definitely recommend keeping an open mind, and approaching the process as a learning experience and also one in which you can make friends and contacts for your journey.  I’m a firm believer that when we put in the effort towards anything, that the right outcome will materialize… so go for it and simply begin!

I also began by updating and expanding my professional profiles and connections, seeking out contacts with people who were teaching English; I asked for their help and insight and introductions to other people. This proved most helpful because I began to receive responses about companies to look into, offers of introduction to people and companies, and just the good old-fashioned sharing of travel tips and antidotes from people around the world. Also, in that process I came in contact with an American living in China who taught English as a second language and who now owns and operates a recruiting firm for English teachers in China!

Making this connection with ESL Suite, and its Managing Director, Christopher Rubiero, I immediately felt I’d connected with a reputable company with integrity, not to mention a kind fellow and gentleman with experience in teaching English as well as business in general.  Christopher shared information about the various visa types in China and what to accept from companies that may be offering me a job.  He introduced me to two companies in China looking for teachers to join their staff. He shared particulars about the hiring process regarding interviewing across the globe and what that would be like, etc.

There are several sites on the internet that someone interested in teaching English could visit to learn about opportunities and companies seeking teachers. It is here where a job seeker can post a short introduction about your interests in teaching English along with posting your CV or resume.  These sites are interesting because they also highlight compensation, give reviews of companies, links to various blogs that are always interesting because they give first hand accounts, and links to cultural sites that give invaluable insight into the people and countries you are interested in visiting and working in.

The process of interviewing with English language companies is pretty much the same regardless of the country or city.  First there is an initial exchange via email about the position either because of posting for a job or being recruited.

Second, it is customary that the company contact will ask you to send a copy of your CV or resume, along with a copy of your passport.  This is a way to measure not just interest and skills, but also your ability to travel (I’m sure it also is a way to measure whether someone is legitimate, as well).

During this exchange the third step will be to schedule a Skype interview where you both can see one another.  This is usually a 30 minute meeting or interview where questions can be asked from both parties about the other, about the company, the position, the team, etc.

The fourth step is to receive a written job offer and then begin the process of filling out acceptance forms, providing further required documentation according to the country that you will be traveling to and living in, and then the preparation and research of what will be needed to live in another country (for example, inoculations according to country and region, visa requirements, other specific needs per country). You’ll learn about visa requirements, whether you’ll become a temporary resident of the country and city, and you’ll be able to prepare by learning the language of the country you’re soon to be residing in.

In upcoming posts, I’ll highlight my experience with the process of accepting my position, the documentation required, and my research on the country and specific requirements for me to travel there and to also be comfortable and safe in my new home as well.

PS… here are a few websites that you might find useful for English language teaching…

ESL Suite ~ contact:Christopher Ribeiro, Managing Director

Dave’s ESL Cafe ~  A good resource of information over all.

A found a great deal of information by searching, “why I should leave my job and travel” . Doing this, I found vagabonding sites, sites to join to learn of wordwide opportunities to exchange work for room and board, and also references for some great reading material, too.

I also suggest becoming familiar with time zone information, currency and exchange information, banking and finance, etc.

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