Vision of Living

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“An open heart is an open mind.”   Dalai Lama

What’s that old phrase, “nothing is more certain than change”, or some such? Well I can attest to the truth in that sentiment. The last nearly eight months have proved to be full of transition for me: job transition, new digs, now off to a new country and living a dream! Throughout my life, there have been numerous opportunities and blessings, all of it has taught me to be flexible in this process of change; to go with the flow, to be present in the moment, to not miss the subtle nuances of incredible interactions with others and myself.

As I reflect on my life, it’s all been about growing and changing, just like yours, nothing especially remarkable or extraordinary, just an ordinary life.  A life of living what I knew, doing what was expected, making do with what I had, and doing my best every day. I grew up an Air Force brat living in Okinawa, Japan and then back to the US.  I relocated to to the Bay Area, returning to where I was born and where my mom’s family has been for nearly 80 years.  This was a time of significant change in my life; I was transitioning from a twenty-five year marriage to life of a single lady with two children, to doing most everything for the first time.

I have truly loved living here in the San Francisco Bay Area!  When I was a kid, my grandfather would often say, that the only reason people didn’t live here, was that they hadn’t yet been to paradise!  It is an area ripe with the can-do attitude, birth to ideas and great success, a wealth of cultural diversity.  This area is for certain imprinted within me; the smell of the eucalyptus, sage and jasmine, as well as the smell and feel of the fog rolling-in over the Peninsula, along with the dynamic culture, all are imprinted in my heart and on my psyche, and experiencing any one of them brings me straight back to this place.

My children have flown the coup and taken off on their paths, happily living life on their terms, doing their thing, being productive people; now, it is my time to embrace the opportunity to fly the coup and live my dreams.  I leave for a teaching job in Zhengzhou, China,half-way round the world, in less than a week’s time!

In many ways with my experiences, I am prepared for this upcoming change, though, I haven’t been unencumbered, not directly responsible for another person, or weighted down by obligations, in nearly thirty years!  These years, since my transition to being single, have allowed me to practice eliminating attachment to things, and to begin moving to the practice of being more aware of what is important to me… also, to being more engaged in living rather than reactive to what life throws at me. I was encouraged by a gent named Scott Trudo, to find my passion and to live it.  That was a tough bit of homework for a woman who had grown up taking care of others, one who had a practice of conformity and doing what was expected of her…but, here I am, taking off for the big wide world, which is my dream, and being a bridge builder (teaching a common language) which, as it turns out, is my passion.

I hope in the next thirty years to live everywhere/anywhere my heart desires, and to share what I know about life and living to ease someone’s burden.  I hope to learn by witness just how other’s are living their lives, and to take some of their wisdom and make it my own.  I want to cook beside people, walk their streets, dance to their music, smell their air, feel their happiness and pain, witness life and living, and truly become a global citizen. I hope to find things from these many places and people imprinted on my heart and psyche, so that when those things subtly come to me again in a familiar scent or sound or taste,  I am transported back to those places and to those people, and that they will have become a part of me, too.

Incredibly for me, as life is a journey for all of us, my journey has taken me from living in my father’s house, to being a wife for twenty-five years, to being a single mom for nearly a decade, to embarking on living and working ’round the world… wowza!  I’m happy for it all! Hopefully my very typical life can be an example of resilience, tenacity, and courage to change, and even more an inspiration for discovering your passion and living your dreams.

Vision of Living

Turning a corner, again

Brilliance of possibility before me 

Experiencing live’s myriad of ways, here then there

Turning a corner, beginning again

© SB 8/6/16


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