Joyfully losing a day…

“No matter where you go, there you are.”  ~ Buckaroo Banzi

I will travel for nearly thirty hours by the time I reach my flat in my new city, Zhengzhou, and basically I’ll have lost an an entire day traveling to the East from the West. Tearful good-byes, well wishes, encouragement, and lots of love as I head out on this next chapter in my life.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 10.32.24 PM.jpg
… courtesy of Angie Santamaria

I waited for my flight at San Francisco’s international airport conversing with travelers moving between domestic destinations and south America, Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan, China… doctors, students, business men, some were harried and stressed with the security process and others were celebrating with me in the moment.  For me, it was a peek into the life of others, as mine is moving forward in a new direction, into a new country, and a new and better me.

Flying China Air the airport staffers were incredible and generous!  Daniel at the ticket counter gave me a wink and a wave on by without charging me for overweight bags!  I had priority boarding and the most comfortable international flight, with a pleasant fellow for a seat mate.  A Chinese national, my seat mate spoke about the transfer of the financial center of the world moving to Asia in the coming years, and cheered me on as an American lady heading to a ‘small, conservative city in China’ not knowing the language or customs. He giggled telling me a bit about the food in the province and teased me with a good history lesson on China! He and his family were traveling to Taiwan to volunteer in a refuge for elephants!

IMG_5220.JPGThe flight crew on the first leg of my trip were superb!  I decided to go vegetarian with my food selection, sort of thinking about salt intake on the flight.  The food was delicious!  The plane was new to the CA fleet and it was beautifully appointed and absolutely packed!  The Premium Economy seat selection was ideal for the twelve plus hour flight, and I actually slept for six or more hours!  I’d definitely recommend China Air.

I arrived here in Taipei with the sun coming up, appropriately greeted with a new day to match my new direction and adventure in life!  The airport was quite sleepy as we disembarked and made our way to the various gates, etc. The temperature outside was already a balmy 33°c, which would be over 90°f!  Lucky inside the airport it was cool and comfy which made it a pleasure to walk through, giving my legs a good stretch after the long flight.  As I made my way through the airport I was amazed at the vertical garden walls all throughout; incredibly refreshing and beautiful!

Love from Taipei!

I quickly found out the airport has free wifi and so was able to connect with my loved ones.  I found a perch at an Italian cafe to catch up on correspondence and writing!  My VPN is working like a dream, yay!

I have a bit of a lay-over here in Taipei… I’d like to peruse the many duty-free shops housing everything from designer bags to exotic liquors, with a large number of whiskeys next to a myriad of beauty products.  Just a few hours from now, traveling from the West to the East, and after loosing a day, I’ll be in Zhengzhou, heading for my flat, and my first night under the stars in China!


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