Be careful what you wish for…

“You can actually create the life you want. It all depends on how daring you desire it.”
~ Lailah Gifty Akita

NLXJ7856I woke early this morning, round 3:00 am, in my new city.  I’ve been adjusting to the time change, and well, a whole host of new things, not to mention a new bed and a new apartment.  As I lay in bed, waking to the quiet hum of the air conditioning unit, I’m reflecting on my circumstances here in my new city.  My thoughts and eyes focus on my humble flat, and then recognize that I have everything I need in this perfectly small space.  My flat is quite small, though, for these past several years I’ve been divesting of ballast physically and emotionally as if preparing for this very moment. Chinese beds are very firm, quite hard actually, and though I’m not accustomed to this I find I’m sleeping quite well.  I found two of the best pillows ever at the local Denis market, so I’ve a good sleep spot for sure. The flat is equipped with a washer dryer combo unit, I’ve an efficient cooking space, and storage for my bags and winter clothes, hasn’t been a problem either.  I have everything I need and probably a little more.

I lay here thinking, that I’ve very nearly everything I’ve been hoping and asking for these past 8 years; what an incredible realization!  There’s the sayings, ‘Be careful what you ask for…’, and then the other about asking for specifically what you desire lest you get something you don’t!  And then there’s the ideal of the Universe conspiring with us to bring us what we need and what’s more, what we want.  Well, I’ve been dreaming and asking and seeking for things that have been delivered, though I never in my life dreamed it would be in Zhengzhou, China! And that’s just the thing, I also realize that I’ve wanted and needed to grow personally in ways that jumping out of the nest can do for us.  As much as I desire to bridge cultures, I realize I’ve been hopeful of connecting with like-minded people who want to do the same; and who knew I’d be recruited to work for a huge international company keen on bridging differences with language, that would also sponsor my travel documents and host my stay?! I’m wowed!

For years I’d been asking for more time for my writing.  Here I am half way round the world, living a couple of dreams, and I’ve more time than I could ever imagine to focus on my writing!  Writing this journal is proving to be wonderfully creative for me and I’ve also been able to work on my poetry!  Next I’ll give time to my book!  Most incredibly, though, is that I’ve been hopeful to be compensated for my writing and damn it if that isn’t going to happen, too, and quite soon at that!  What more could a girl ask for?!

And then there’s this…  I’ve had a desire to live in an urban setting… to be able to walk to the local market and the hardware store, and to walk and grab coffee and find interesting inspirational spaces to write.  Well, God bless me, here I am smack dab in the heart of a very urban setting, with a market with incredible produce right next door to my flat, and many more just steps away.  There are a myriad of hardware stores, some specializing in specifics like lighting or bath fixture, etc., also just steps away.  And kitty corner from my flat is an out of this world Italian bakery and coffee shop!  This café has a bird’s eye view of the intersection of two beautiful tree lined streets.  The plethora of e-bikes and passerby’s is phenomenal setting me up for non-stop inspiration close to home!

My dream to become a true global citizen is being realized!  The long held  dream I’ve had to live and work in another culture, to be able to live and breathe another way of living, has come true in a huge way! Traveling is always interesting and rewarding, though living beside others in their world, breathing their air, and seeing the sun rise and set in their day beside them, is something quite different.  Here I am working with people from round the world (currently South Africa, Ireland, Australia, India), in a city over 6300 miles from where I call home, it is fanfreakintastic!

For me, it is humbling to realize such gifts and blessings, dreams and desires coming true.  I’d imagined each of these possibilities and here I am achieving them all in China.  When I was met at the airport by Emma and Elsa, Emma said to me she thought it was destiny that I came here to work with English First ZZ.. I don’t know, though in my gut and in my heart it feels that way for me, too.  My sister used to say often, what we visualize will materialize.  My vision of living is truly materializing in exciting and unexpected ways! Now, to continue in practicing this humility and gratitude and living positively, I also visualize more love and a true partnership and mate to join me on this incredible adventure!

Let the conspiracy continue! 😉




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