Welcome to my blog!  LilyVee comes from literally the meaning of my name ~ Lily of the Valley – voila, “LilyVee” was born!

I am beginning what I would call the fourth stage of my life… with my children grown and on their own journeys, I have the energy and interest to engage with the big, wide world and to follow a dream. Walt Whitman says it perfectly…

“Afoot and lighthearted I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me.

‘Looking for adventure in discovering the ways in which others live ’round the world, could be a caption of my blog.  It’s my deepest desire to live and work in other countries and other cultures, taste their food, smell their air, be with them there where they reside ~ to become a true global citizen. To be a bridge and build connection while discovering similarities and embracing differences, I hope to inspire others to live their dreams and also to recognize the similarities in others and to celebrate our differences. Thus begins my journey dedicated to knowing the bigger world, simply by being open to others and all they are ~ life knows best, after all, and my heart is as open as the sky!

LilyVee is my diary, of sorts, capturing the essence of my experiences. I want a part of these people I meet, the things I experience, to become a part of me and to change me in the best ways possible. I invite you to join me here, to read what is going on in my world, to witness what I glimpse and glean from this big wide world, and to be inspired by my journey in creating the life I desire. You can follow your dream, too…

Visit often,


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